In this article, we are going through “What to do with Old Laptops that Still Work?”

We go through our whole working time on earth taking a gander at them. Hell, we invest more energy with them than our friends and family! Indeed I, am alluding to the laptop that is perched on our table, including the one that I am viewing right now as I compose this.

Tragically, when our adored work accomplice uses up all available time, we essentially get another one or trade it. However, is that it? Is that all to how we can manage our old laptop? Would we be able to figure out how to keep that laptop useful somehow or another, for sentimentality in any event; so we don’t need to discard it? That is the thing we will do today. Discover replies to that question – what can I use my old laptop for?

What to do with Old Laptops that Still Work in 2021?

Wipe and Start Over – Zero Cost

If you actually have the old installer (CD or USB drive) or the reestablish choice is as yet accessible on your laptop, you can wipe the laptop and start once more. The last is a secret segment on your laptop that contains a picture of your working framework. Reestablishing to this implies returning your laptop to industrial facility state before you begin introducing an entire bundle of uses that might dial it back. Without spending any more cash on it, this is the most ideal way of working on the exhibition of the laptop.

You would then be able to offer it to your children or anybody in the family needing a computer. With telecommuting, online illustrations, and remote getting the hang of turning into the standard, everybody in the family will require their computer. This will be similar on a par with any framework to satisfy that prerequisite.

Renovate and Return to Work

Numerous more established laptops can be revamped. An increase in memory (RAM) and a substitution of the old HDD unit with a quicker SSD unit essentially work on the speed of the laptop. Applications load quicker, your records open speedier, and you will want to perform multiple tasks that piece better. It tends to be transformed into a universally useful computer.

Be that as it may, before you do choose to revamp your laptop, think about this – not everything laptop can be repaired. Some are just excessively old and parts that are viable for it might presently don’t be accessible. Also, in case you will spend an ‘X’ measure of dollars to renovate your laptop, it pays to check whether the increase in life length is adequate to legitimize that additional measure of cash.

Transform Your Old Laptop Into A Desktop

Bombing batteries are the most well-known among old laptops yet it doesn’t need to prevent you from using them. You can transform it into a desktop all things considered. This will work extraordinary on the off chance that you have a screen, keyboard, and mouse lying around. Essentially eliminate the battery pack from your laptop, wire it up, associate the screen and peripherals, switch it on and presto, there is your monitor.

Regardless of whether you don’t have an extra screen, you can, in any case, eliminate the battery, plant it on the desk, interface it to the mains, and have a forever positioned desk computer from a laptop. In case you are acceptable with hardware, you can even destroy the screen and spot it on the stand so you don’t have to purchase a monitor.

Built-in Workstation Desk

Discussing a work desk computer. In case you are acceptable with DIY, you can fabricate your workstation desk using your old laptop. On the off chance that building your desk without any preparation isn’t intended for you, think about a level pack unit and retrofit your laptop that way. There are numerous modest choices accessible on IKEA or online retailers.

This is taking transforming the laptop into a desktop and changing everything around by mounting the laptop under the desk or in the cabinet. All you need is to form a mounting section or holder, wire the screen and peripherals, and force it up. Simply make certain to consider a lot of ventilation for your laptop.

It’s your desktop short the unattractive pinnacle, in addition to no one, needs to perceive how old your laptop is.

Hang Your Old Laptop Under the Cabinet

One more shrewd way of using your old laptop is to mount it under the divider bureau. This can be in the workplace, room, or kitchen and it works best with an old 2-in-1 laptop with a 360-degree pivot and touchscreen. Flip the screen to 270-degrees or more, what producers like to call the Presentation or Tent mode. Flip around the laptop so the keyboard faces the lower part of the bureau. This is the position you need to mount the laptop.

Once more, you should mold a mounting section or a space to hold your laptop set up. Recall additionally to turn the situation of the display so it is the correct far up. You can do this in the display settings. You presently have a devoted computer for the room. Pair it with a Bluetooth keyboard and you can even use it to answer messages or play out a fast hunt so you don’t just rely upon the touchscreen.

Make Your Own ‘Surface’ Computer

On the off chance that you have an end table or side table with a glass top, you can transform your old laptop into a surface computer. This possibly works if your laptop can open level, with pivots that go up to 180 degrees. You will again have to form a carriage or mount for the laptop to keep the screen as near the underside of the glass top as could be expected.

This will likewise require a remote mouse that deals with glass like the Logitech MX Master or Logitech MX Anywhere and a reduced remote keyboard.

You can decide to conceal the remainder of your laptop leaving just the screen assuming you need to make it look smooth. This likewise chips away at a major desk, again with a glass top for users to have the option to see the screen level on a superficial level and to share their view.

Use Your Old Laptop for Less Demanding Apps and Cloud Based Apps

Numerous everyday office errands like perusing the web, imparting through messages, composing reports, or causing a PowerPoint show don’t need a top-of-the-line laptop. A 5 or 6-year-old laptop can undoubtedly deal with the requests of the most recent word processor like Microsoft Word or a bookkeeping page application like Excel.

The reality is, you don’t have to introduce any application whatsoever. Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Calendar, Gmail, Chat, and Drive are for the most part accessible free of charge and in the cloud. Any old laptop will be more than fit to deal with your whole office responsibility. All you need is a viable program and a quick Internet association.

As a Media Center For the Big Screen TV

If you have an old, not savvy, or moronic TV, attach it to your old laptop. The laptop can either be mounted behind the TV or kept in the TV seat. You would then be able to run media focus programming to transform it into a Home Theater PC (HTPC). Programming like Kodi Media Center and Plex Media Player is the go-to decision for such an application.

These are great on the off chance that you have your assortment of media records on the nearby NAS or a common organizer in your PC or server.

To use Plex to present the media documents, you will require a Plex Media Server. Another media server arrangement is Emby. Like Plex, it accompanies a server and player part.

Streaming Set Top Laptop

Use a similar laptop to get to real-time features like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, or simply need to get on YouTube.

Lounge room Conferencing System

Add an outside web cam and mount it to the highest point of your extra-large television and you have a video conferencing arrangement for gathering or coordinated video calls directly from the lounge room. No set-top box allows you to do that, not even on Apple TV.

Interface Your Old Laptop to a LED Projector for a Budget Home Cinema

Driven projectors are reasonable and you can set up your special film video at home using only the projector and your old laptop. A reasonable yet respectable LED video projector is equipped for extending a picture up 130-inch from corner to corner. Use your laptop to stream your #1 show to the big screen.

Convert Your Old Laptop Into a Chromebook

convert your old laptop into a Chromebook
convert your old laptop into a Chromebook

Discussing less requesting applications, one thing that you can do is convert your laptop into a Chromebook. Google’s Chromium OS is known for being a lightweight OS as far as asset requests when contrasted with other famous working frameworks. It can run the majority of the Google applications like Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheet through a program. Consequently, your everyday work is dealt with while never expecting to introduce a committed office set-up of utilizations.

Use Your Old Laptop for Running Linux

If you can repurpose your laptop to run as a Chromebook it will probably run fine as a Linux machine also. All things considered, Linux is the most steady, and contamination-free OS out there. Besides, you could do nearly all that you could on a Windows machine, with added security and dependability.

All things considered, Linux isn’t everyone’s favorite thing in the world. Relatively few individuals would need to mess around composing orders instead of using a couple of mouse snaps to accomplish anything they desire on their laptop.

In any case, on the off chance that you have a tad of interest in Linux, this could be one way of giving your laptop one more rent on life. The most ideal way of testing if a character in case Linux is appropriate for you is to boot it up from a blaze drive. You can download a bootable duplicate of the working framework for USB and make your own.

Cannibalize the Laptop

This is suggested in the direst outcome imaginable when going through any additional measure of cash isn’t suggested. Also, you are persuaded that the laptop can’t be used for some other purposes. Say, the screen is broken or the watchword is non-utilitarian and so forth or the hard drive is unsalvageable. On the off chance that the entire laptop is broken, you need to just discard it. There could be no alternate way.

In any case, suppose that the hard drive is working. You can in any case rescue it and use it as an outer storage unit. You can plug it into another computer and use it as an auxiliary parcel. It tends to be used as an organization-connected storage device as well.

We have been doing this with our old outside hard drives; interfacing them with a Wi-Fi switch and using them to get information on different devices (cell phones, tablets, and laptops).

In case you are not hesitant to take care of business, you can destroy the display as well and transform it into an independent screen for use by a desktop or one more laptop as a subsequent display.

Convert Your Old Laptop Into a Digital Photo Frame

Who doesn’t adore a flawless minimal computerized frame sitting at a corner or mounted on a divider showing our best recollections at a comfortable speed? Yet, computerized photograph frames can be costly. Essentially the great ones are. All things considered, on the off chance that you have an old laptop you can set aside some cash by making a computerized photograph frame out of it.

There are numerous DIY instructional exercises you can get to online that exhibit the full course of transforming your laptop into an advanced photograph frame. There are numerous ways of moving toward this. Yet, the key thought is pretty much something similar.

You need to isolate the laptop screen from the remainder of the device. Then, at that point, lash the two backs to back. Reestablish the associations. Introduce a photograph frame programming, load your photographs onto the hard drive. Frame the entire thing such that it becomes difficult to realize it is a laptop. At long last, interface with a force source and fire up the laptop.

The framing bit is interesting as is reestablishing association after the laptop has been off the wall and lashed backs to back. A few laptops can be collapsed 360-degree. Like the Lenovo Yoga. These laptops are simpler to use as photo frames. You don’t need to unhinge them, disengage and afterward reestablish the associations.

Convert Your Old Laptop Into A Range Extender or Wi-Fi Hot Spot

I’m very certain you have never envisioned this when you purchased your laptop. In any case, indeed, this is one way of giving your laptop a lengthy life expectancy. By changing over it into a Wi-Fi hot-spot for your home.

A large portion of us uses a switch and an extender to cover spaces of our home/office that are outside the scope of the primary switch. On the off chance that you haven’t got one, you shouldn’t as you can use your old laptop to achieve something similar.

It very well may be positioned in the storage room, the cellar, and surprisingly the sitting region on the grass where you invest a ton of energy. It tends to be designed to share a wired or remote association by making a remote focal point for different devices to interface with.

Take your old laptop and situating it in such a region to expand the Wi-Fi inclusion of your home then, at that point, use the accompanying strides from Microsoft to transform your laptop PC into a mobile hotspot.

Make A Network Storage

There are a large group of manners by which you can use the hard drive on your old laptop. One of them is using it as an organization drive unit/Network-appended Storage (NAS). Offer an organizer on the organization and everything in that envelope can be gotten to by any remaining terminals on the neighborhood organization. You could use it to dump your records as opposed to transferring them to the cloud.

Use it as a Dashboard or Family Calendar

From something as basic as an expansion that turns through your open tabs in a program (Revolver – Tabs), coordinated to change and invigorate at a fixed stretch to an out and out electronic dashboard, you can use your old laptop to introduce it either on its display, extra-large flat screen television or projector for anyone’s viewing pleasure.

Be it an association table, news on a ticker, sports results, climate, world timekeepers, tweets, Facebook channel, or information channel from a data set, the sky is the limit.

You can likewise go completely advanced and use the laptop to show your family schedule. Make a Gmail represent the family so everybody can impart their schedule to the family account. You would then be able to use the laptop to login to the family Gmail and show the family

this on the application Did you at any point need an additional display in the kitchen, possibly something to look at new plans on, or look at the climate update before going to work? Your laptop screen can play out that assignment. You are presumably considering how could it be conceivable? All things considered, your laptop screen is a display unit. It needn’t bother with the remainder of the parts to work.


A great deal of NGOs is gathering old laptops for repurposing them for online instruction in underdeveloped nations. A laptop in a class can open up a window to the world for a lot of children. For a youngster, a laptop is something beyond an apparatus to collaborate or peruse, a mother lode of data can adjust their viewpoints about the world and the climate that they are living in. it additionally opens up their view to a universe of potential outcomes.

Donate Your Laptop to Charity Without Physically Donating It

OK. I concede that I needed to be brassy with the title. If you think your laptop is of no use and you can’t give it to somebody without truly turning him/her off, you could give it to another sort of good cause without actually surrendering it. I implied for projects like [email protected] and for giving it for some clinical exploration or climate model investigation project where swarm processing is fundamental (i.e., saddling the force of an enormous number of computer frameworks).

Use Your Old Laptop to Play Classic Games

Classic game on your old Laptop
Classic game on your old Laptop

You can use your old laptop PC to run exemplary PC games. We don’t mean control center, handheld, or arcade retro games, albeit those future conceivable too with the right emulator. We allude to old exemplary PC games. It will unquestionably bring back some wistfulness.

It’s an opportunity to clean off your old games assortment and bring back that sentimentality of gaming on your laptop. You can discover Classic PC games and MS-DOS games to download from the Internet Archive.

Also, if your laptop is around 7 years of age with a committed graphics connector, it will be more than fit for running a portion of the later games and not super old DOS games. Continue to game separate from your work laptop and use your old laptop login and access allowed to mess around on STEAM. Make certain to look at the framework’s least prerequisites before you download any games.

Transform Your Laptop into an Arcade Machine

There are a lot of instructional exercises internet remembering recordings for YouTube regarding the matter. These remember bit-by-bit directions for how to transform your old laptop into a full-fledged arcade machine. If you love to dabble and assemble your things, this is right up your road.

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Final RESORT: Dispose of Laptop in a Responsible Way

This ought to have been the initial step. However, taking into account that there are such countless methods of expanding the existence of your laptop that we saved it for the last. The thing is innovation jumps forward at a stunning speed. What is cutting edge right presently could be out of date in under 3 years. That is both something worth being thankful for and something awful. Because numerous among us, particularly the gen X-ers, don’t exactly think as far as using and afterward discarding something in 3 years.

Yet, shockingly, on the occasion that is by and large what the circumstance may warrant us to do. The laptop may have become so old that revamping has neither rhyme nor reason, and it presumably doesn’t fill some other needs by the same token. Sending it to be recycled is the main best thing to do.

There are many administrations you can drop your old electronic waste. At the point when you recycle you complete two things – you champion the cause of protecting the planet and alongside it, you give a little lift to the assembling business.


Alright, I bet you never imagined that there could be such countless ways of giving your old laptop another rent of life. Attempt these to clutch your work accomplice for a couple of more days. Wistfulness separated, it can save you a couple of bucks as well, not putting resources into extra equipment. Be that as it may if nothing else works you need to discard it.