In this article, we are going through “What To Do When Your Laptop Won’t Turn On? Best Guide in 2022”

What To Do When Your Laptop Won’t Turn On?

Did you just press the power button and your laptop could turn on by any stretch of the imagination?

No compelling reason to stress. In the present article, I have figured out how to discover some handy solutions for you through which you can easily find the issue your laptop is confronting. Not just observing the reason behind why your laptop won’t turn on yet solving the problem as well, all at home without spending any bucks for it!

Troubleshooting your laptop that won’t turn on can be somewhat interesting since it doesn’t permit you to eliminate the equipment. So you need to manage the problem without including the equipment fixing part.


Mostly experiencing a situation when your laptop won’t turn on, without a moment’s delay strikes the possibility of every one of your information being lost.

THIS IS JUST A STEREOTYPE! Usually, your laptop won’t turn on because of some equipment issues and that equipment is not the hard disk drive, for example, the storage box of your laptop. So unwind and take a full breath.

This article would get you through every one of the fixes you can make to troubleshoot this problem. I’ll suggest you follow the method step by step to get your normal results.

Get To Know Below, Why Your Laptop Won’t Turn On!


Check The Power Cable of Your Laptop
Check The Power Cable of Your Laptop

You want to check the power supply. Here you want to check your laptop’s battery condition as well as your connector link. First of all, ensure that the connector you are using is the right one for your laptop. Also, your connector must be in working condition and not extinguished by some unacceptable voltage. Take a look at the cables as well. Sometimes there’s no issue with the connector except for the cables disturbing the association.

A laptop commonly requires 16-20 Volts, any voltage higher than this reach can harm the battery of your laptop severely. After making this sure that the connector is fine, accurately plugged in and current can be distinguished in the wires; associate the AC power link. Now hang tight for 5 minutes in any event. If your laptop turns on successfully, the shortcoming was with the dead battery. If it’s still not working continue to The second step my companion!

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Designated spot 2: A CHECK ON THE LCD PANEL

Take a stab at interfacing your laptop with an outside projector screen. Assuming the power LED turns on and the fans start creating a humming sound, turn off the lights and observe the laptop’s screen. You may either see a weak picture or no picture by any means.

For the weak picture:

On the off chance that this is your case, your screen-inverter is harmed and needs to be supplanted. Notwithstanding, this is not easy work assuming you are bad with the screwdriver. I’ll suggest you make it happen by a specialist who may also assist you with observing the right swap apparatus for your laptop.

For no picture:

THIS CASE IS TOO SCARY. Your entire LCD board could be defective here. Supplanting the board costs almost close to purchasing another laptop for yourself. Try not to stress this is the rarest case and, I’ll implore you don’t get to confront it?



Inserting a Flash drive or an outside mouse association with your laptop may also be a cause of the problem of why your laptop won’t turn on. This happens when such outside sources make a frenzy for the operating system and wind up making an unnecessary booting issue for your laptop. Remember to check the Compact Disk Drives as well, they may also be adding to the issue.

Designated spot 4: GET INTO THE SAFE MODE

choose an operating system
choose an operating system

Regardless of whether your laptop won’t turn on, you can still boot in safe mode. Press the F8 button for a large portion of a moment. You will see a menu having a choice to boot in the safe mode. When you enter the system’s safe mode you would have the option to fix any new changes you made that took your laptop to such a stage.

You want to perceive any such installed programs, drivers or unsecured sites information that made the difficulty. After playing out the safe mode tasks, restart the laptop and take a stab at turning it in a typical manner.

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Assuming you are sure that your laptop was completely energized previously, take a stab at depleting the battery. Disconnect the power link and leave your laptop the same way for a little while. You may observe the laptop getting hot. If you need this to be a fast system, you need to do a little difficult work for example eliminating the battery.

Safely eliminate the battery and afterwards hold down the power button for somewhere around thirty seconds. Presently plug the AC Adapter back, without supplanting the battery. Again take a stab at turning the laptop on. Fingers crossed! I trust this works.

The Final Checkpoint: A BAD HARDWARE SPOTTED

What To Do When Your Laptop Won’t Turn On?
What To Do When Your Laptop Won’t Turn On?

Still, your laptop would turn on in the wake of passing through every one of the checkpoints? Alas! Your laptop’s equipment has a problem. To supplant the flawed equipment, you currently need to take it to a computer mechanics shop and sort the issue out. This would fix the problem.

Hello, WAIT A SEC!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why won’t my laptop turn on even when plugged in?

    Assuming your laptop doesn’t turn on in any event, when plugged in, it very well may be encountering an issue in either the battery or the motherboard/RAM.

  • What do you do if your laptop screen would turn on?

    This condition is known as the dark screen of death and it tends to be easily fixed. For this you need to first turn off the laptop, then, at that point, shut it off and eliminate the battery and afterwards at last press and hold the start button for something like 60 seconds. Increase the span to several minutes if the first preliminary doesn’t work.

  • Should laptops be left plugged in?

    As soon as a laptop’s battery has a 100% charge, it stops taking anything else of the energy. The excess energy is transferred to the laptop’s power supply and not the battery. So a walk in the park keeping it plugged in.

  • How long should a laptop battery last?

    It depends upon your usage, yet most batteries last for 1-2 years having a normal of around 400 recharges later which they start losing limit.

  • Is it awful to use a laptop while charging?

    No, yet it might cause the laptop to get hot rapidly and henceforth produce a great deal measure of heat.

Today! You are always free to ask me your questions in the comment section. I and my group are here to serve you with every one of your queries in regards to Laptops with extraordinary consideration regarding specialized details. Stay tuned for additional tutorials!