In this article, we are going the “6 best and quicks ways How To Remove Scratches From a Laptop Cover?” Scratches on your laptop can be a major inconvenience. They make it difficult to see what’s on the screen. However, there are ways to remove scratches from your laptop cover and protect it from future damage.

First, you should examine the scratch closely. If it is light in colour, you’ll need to find a matching nail polish or marker that is close in colour to the original finish of the laptop. If it is dark, use a white toothpaste or toothbrush to buff out the scratch until it becomes white.

This will prevent anyone else from seeing the scratch when they look at your computer screen! Next time you want to remove scratches from your laptop cover, follow these steps for success!

How to remove scratches from a laptop cover

When you’re ready to remove your laptop cover, you’ll need to clean the area with an alcohol wipe. Avoid using detergent as it will burn the plastic. A natural cleaner such as baking soda will also do the trick, but avoid abrasive cleaners as they’ll scratch the cover even more.

Grab a tiny amount of alcohol wipe and spread it across the screen. This will let the cleaner spread evenly and remove any additional dirt or dust.

Lift the cover and give the entire surface a quick wipe with the cleaning alcohol. Once you’re done, remove the alcohol wipe and allow the laptop to dry completely.

NOTE: You may want to run a complete wipe down of your laptop’s keyboard and screen as well to remove any residual oils from them.

Preventing future scratching

Preventing laptop from future scratching
Preventing laptop from future scratching

Though it may seem obvious, consider how you use your laptop when you’re away from home. Are you the type to pop out of bed and turn on the laptop when you wake up? Or do you grab your laptop and head straight to work? Sometimes these habits can cause problems.

For example, if you wake up early to hit the gym, chances are your laptop will be dusty. The dirt may have been transferred to the laptop cover and added to the scratches. If you want to make sure you don’t have any scuff marks on your laptop, always bring a microfiber cloth along with you.

Take care of the outer cover!

The outer laptop cover is the first thing that makes contact with the outside of your laptop when you unzip it. It’s also the last thing that will come off if you take the cover off.

What is a scratch?

laptop scratch
laptop scratch

A scratch is a mark that your protective cover makes as it meets your computer. Some laptop covers have a raised part at the top that makes it easier to see what’s on your computer’s display. However, these scratches are usually not noticeable until they are exposed and become larger.

Have you ever noticed scratches on your laptop screen? What do they look like?

More About Laptop Cover Scratches and How to Prevent Them:

How To Clean Scratches from a Laptop Cover?

By now, you know how to remove scratches from your laptop’s cover.

However, you should also make it a habit to regularly clean your laptop cover. If it is not regularly cleaned, it will get scratched up and full of dust. When this happens, it becomes a safety hazard. It can prevent a laptop from powering on properly.

The three different types of scratches

Due to the material of your laptop cover, it can be difficult to determine the type of scratch.

If you see scuff marks, try applying toothpaste to the scuff mark. The toothpaste will remove the pigment and make the scuff match the rest of the cover.

If you see fingerprints, you’ll need to remove any fingerprints using a fabric softener sheet and white toothpaste.

Most scratches are deep enough to be difficult to remove completely, so you should ask for assistance from a professional.

However, if the scratch is shallow or very thin, you may be able to remove the stain and do a quick dry cycle on the stain to remove it.

Use white toothpaste and a toothbrush to remove the pigment on the scratch.

Wet the surface of the stain and rub in the toothpaste.

How to remove light scratches?

Step 1: Gather the following:

2 white polish nails (for lighter stains)

1 white marker (for dark stains)

Lightly apply the polished nails onto the laptop screen. You want to paint the bottom portion of the nail with the polish. Place the bottom of the polished nail onto the laptop screen and gently apply pressure.

This will remove the stain. When the nail polish is dry, peel off the polish from the laptop cover. This will prevent the stain from reappearing.

Step 2: Gather the following:

3 nail polish nails (for darker stains)

1 black marker (for light stains)

The black marker can be used to highlight the area. Paint the bottom portion of the nail and gently apply pressure to lift the stain. When the marker is dry, you will be able to remove the stain with a quick polish application.

How to remove dark scratches?

After you remove the old nail polish or marker, buff out the surface until it is white. This will help to keep it looking new!

How to remove light scratches?

You can also use wax or a cloth to remove light scratches on your laptop. Make sure to remove any dirt or debris that may have gotten into the nail polish or marker as well!

Important Tips to remember:

Avoid dabbing at your laptop. You should only apply a little pressure with a clean finger and work methodically.

You should only apply a little pressure with a clean finger and work methodically. Don’t apply nail polish remover on wet surfaces. This will make it harder to remove.

This will make it harder to remove. Don’t scrub the surface too hard. This will damage the surface of your laptop.


There’s a wide range of excellent brands of laptop covers available for purchase, from super high quality to super low-quality. Just make sure that whatever laptop cover you choose is sturdy enough to withstand the occasional bumps and scrapes.

With the help of the world’s top laptop covers and cases, you’ll be able to shop around and buy the perfect cover for your laptop.

Don’t be afraid to take the time to make sure you buy the right laptop cover. It’s money well spent.

What is the best laptop cover out there? Share your experience in the comments!