How to Remove Scratches from a Laptop Screen?

In this article, we are going to discuss how to get rid of scratches from your laptop/computer/tv screen in 2021.

Scratches on your laptop screen can be a real bummer. You can’t see your wallpaper or pictures, and the glare will make it hard to use the keyboard at times. But with some elbow grease and patience, you can get rid of those scratches without taking out a second mortgage!

If you want to save money and time, try these three steps: Clean the screen with a damp cloth, place an ice cube in a zip-lock baggie and rub over the scratched area for 5 minutes, and finally buff out all the scratches with a microfiber cloth.

Section 1: What are the most common causes of scratches on your laptop screen?

Scratches can be caused by:

Dust particles

External objects

Light reflection

Liquid build-up

Weathered environments (such as a machine shop)

Screen protector

Gutted power cords

Scratches can also appear from wearing out your laptop’s battery, that is, it’s always been a little slow to charge, but your battery is still doing its job. It gets warm after a while. If you notice your laptop won’t turn on, it’s because the battery is dying and is using all of your laptop’s power to run. A quick surge of electricity from a portable charger should fix the problem.

How to remove scratches from laptop screen?

Grab a damp cloth and place it on the screen. Allow it to sit for five minutes. You may notice some light streaks as the moisture from your tears or sweat interacts with the scratches.

Position the rubbing tab on the screen, and wait for it to heat up. Before you pull the tab, make sure the cam of your device is safely held down so it doesn’t accidentally come undone. When you feel the tab begin to heat up, quickly pull it towards the center of the screen, holding it there with your finger. If you need a refresher on how to take a tablet apart, read our how-to here.

When the tab cools, wipe off the chip with a microfiber cloth. Use a light hand since the moisture from your tears or sweat will make the chip crease.

How to prevent scratches on laptop screen?

The best way to prevent those scratches is to invest in a protective cover for your laptop. They’re cheap, so you’ll be able to get a new one every few months to stop any further scratches. Here are some suggestions:

Bargain Book – Classic laptop covers are sold at just about any electronics store. They usually range in price from $15 to $25 for a basic cover and can be tailored to your needs.

Wireless Keyboard – Wireless keyboards come in handy if you travel often and need to input text from your lap. It works by transmitting your text or words directly to your laptop’s touch screen without having to resort to a cord or Bluetooth gadget.


If you’re still not convinced that you should invest in a good screen protector for your laptop, take a look at how much you paid for the laptop itself and whether you use it frequently enough to make it worth it. If the answer is no, don’t waste your money! Get a screen protector and watch your computer screen from behind!