The cooling mechanism of the CPU is a quandary for most manufacturers of the processing industry. In their view, they face a robust enclosure while designing the laptop and choosing the CPU suitable for the model number.

In this article, we are going through “How to fix overheating laptop without taking it apart? 2022”.

The most practical one is the one best suited for the consumer and his useful requirements. The part of the computer responsible for cooling is the fan and some sort of metallic conductors made of aluminium and copper known as the hotness sink.

How To Fix Overheating Laptop Without Taking It Apart?

Cooling Mechanism of Laptops

How To Fix Overheating Laptop Without Taking It Apart? 2022
How To Fix Overheating Laptop Without Taking It Apart? 2022

The CPU is straightforwardly connected with the metal hotness sink through compound or warm grease. The grease straightforwardly conducts heat, not power. The significant significantly increase done by the maker is to dispose of the hotness as much as possible through the fan and hotness sink mechanism as the CPU allows or permits.

Vents are significant purpose-assembled components that will empower the fan in sucking the cool air from the lower part of the device, constrain it over the hotness sink and underneath it at the side or back for cooling the CPU.

Copper is the leading metal fluid siphoned for the system and radiators with exhaust ports which are regularly used inside engine vehicles. Disposing of the hotness straightforwardly implies making the system run faster.


The serious issue persists over the period, and different particles impeded the vent fan and exhaust port for the radiator. It is for the system which restricts the wind current and its cooling. It is moderately fixed in smothering the vents and fan with air and brushes for earbuds with the Q-tip in cleaning away the dust. There is also a secret issue that occurs when the computer heats up or overheat.

They will more often than not dry the warm compounds in directing the hotness which causes the system to overheat all the more quickly. Lots of CPU versions thought of their implicit cooling mechanism works on assurance for this overheating.

The issue of overheating can be solved by dusting out debris and grease. Supplant the warm grease and join everything. Dust might cause several disturbances in the working of laptop computers. It may become sluggish and at last switch off with no specific reason. It creates lots of lost stuff and degenerates email documents.

– Computer processor has most of the time security for their inward assembly.

– It causes the stepdown in working speed which is executed little by little in the last switch off.

– Computer steadily slows down and afterwards switches off with next to no clear reason.

– Overheating causes severe problems to the laptop computers.

Step 1: Prepare for the process

Back up the information files as it is improbable that something goes wrong, however, it is the essential step for setting up the system in this sort of situation. Through this, you’ll have the option to restore the request and applications and information. To test the information files to ensure that these are supported inaccurate way.

Ensure that reinforcement is put on the secondary storage and not connected with the current or essential hard drive of your laptop.

To set up the space of work which is dry and clean and has sufficient room. Attempt to use a dry towel or some soft fabric in ensuring because it is laying on screen for most of the time all through the technique. The whole process may require 30 minutes.

Step 2: Gather the tools

  1. The tools what separate the screws in getting lost. The cap of the antiperspirant works well in distinct cases.
  2. Warm grease is required. It can find from a tool shop or a nearby shop.
  3. The screwdrivers are suitable for the screw sizes on the rear of the specific laptop.
  4. Q-tips or Earbuds are required.
  5. A warm grease scraper or tongue depressor is required or required.
  6. Brush to dust of debris.


  1. Establishing wires or earth straps are required.
  2. Finger cots or Rubber gloves
  3. Not many liquor wipes

Note: Overall 30 minutes will be needed for the method. It is a considerable saving and refrains you from supplanting the laptop itself.

Step 3: Remove Back Cover and Battery

  • In the wake of support up the information and all significant information files and further shut down the laptop. Turn off your power source and eliminate the battery.
  • The battery releasing method is subject to the model number of your laptop.
  • Clear every one of the applicable parts of your laptop.
  • Eliminate soil from the fan and process it alongside the RAM of your device.

Dust out the Cooling unit through Vents

Use the hairdryer to dust out the motherboard and related components through vents. Clear all the dust anyplace it is collected. With the use of earbuds clean the fan blades. Hold fan and hair blown, so it does not operate their stipulated or reverse way. Use the brush to dust everything off and blow it with air last time.


There are so numerous ways that can be used to keep a laptop computer from overheating. The issue of overheating is something severe, and it can give harm to inward components of the laptop. It is a universal saying that anticipation is superior to fix. A laptop can easily have forestalled significant loss rather than driving it to substitution.

Always use the laptop on a hard or level surface. Clothes or blankets or Quilts usually block the air ventilation of laptops and decrease the wind stream. Decrease of hotness development increases the performance of the CPU straightforwardly. It frequently raises the laptop and has fans that power the air inside the base. Continue to test the temperature from various parts of the CPU.

Liquor wipes are horrendous to eliminate warm grease. It smears the entire stuff and grease by making a major mess all-around to clean. The grease is dried stuff and needs to clean effortlessly with a dry material or blowing air. Vents can have cleared by using a brush and a hairdryer is used to clean them. It helps a great deal in forestalling the overheating of components.