How to fix a Laptop Power Jack without Soldering?

If your laptop identifies charging simply by turning the charging pin or twisting it aside or not, in any event, recognizing it by any means, it might cause by a glitch of the charger link, connector, or dc connector (inside the laptop). Presently, would you like to how to fix a laptop power jack without soldering?

However, how can you say whether this issue happens with a laptop or charger? On the off chance that you read this article, you will find solutions to every one of your inquiries and the answer for your inquiry concerning how to fix a laptop power jack without soldering?

If the DC connector is genuinely harmed, no evidence of responsibility is required. In any case, checking the connector of a laptop is exceptionally straightforward. To begin with, interface the laptop charger to a power source and take a look at the yield voltage; it ought to be equivalent to the print on the charger body.

If you get the right voltage, it is doubtlessly an issue with your laptop. Be that as it may, this is certainly not a dependable test, and your laptop charger works 100% right.

I realize that you have arrived on this page and have the expertise to fix the laptop power jack without soldering. Shockingly, this is beyond the realm of imagination much of the time, because most power jacks for laptops are fastened straightforwardly to the motherboard, and to get it, you should preheat a soldering iron.

The power jack is the port where your laptop interfaces with its charger, and in case it’s flawed or broken for reasons unknown, you might have to supplant it with another one. Nonetheless, in case you’re not a specialist in soldering (or don’t have any desire to hazard harming different pieces of your gadget), there are still ways that you can tackle the issue without requesting more parts on the web.

Your laptop is your lifesaver, however, what happens when it’s not working? You can’t simply leave it in the corner and trust that sometime you’ll find time to fix it. Assuming you need a convenient solution without requesting parts or pay for costly fixes, then, at that point, this blog entry is intended for you. In this post, we will tell you the best way to fix a laptop power jack without soldering.

We will likewise give you a few hints on forestalling future issues with your computer so you don’t have an issue once more! We should get everything rolling!

How Charger Communicate with Laptop Power Jack?

By and large, most laptop chargers work on two signs: + VE and GND. Then again, a few producers (like Dell) give extra sense pins notwithstanding these positive and negative connectors. In this way, there are three associations in the laptop jack.

Distinguish the Actual issue

I have perused many articles that main show explicit fixes for laptop jacks and can’t help everybody. Indeed! DC connectors can experience many sorts of issues, and you should recognize and fix them before they all have various arrangements:

  • The inward pins of the power jack are harmed.
  • The whole jack is harmed.
  • At the point when associated, the DC-in jack is producing a few starts and getting hot.
  • The DC connector emerged from the laptop.
  • The motherboard track interfacing the jack to the circuit consumed.
  • At the point when the charger’s pins are associated, pins of the laptop jack shake on the motherboard, etc.

As should be obvious, there is no reply on the most proficient method to fix a laptop DC connector with/without soldering. I will list every one of the serious issues and their answers individually, and you can distinguish and tackle the issues.

Device Required to Fix Laptop Power Jack

Assuming you need to realize how to fix a laptop power jack, then, at that point, you required all or a couple (rely upon your concern) following devices for the laptop dc connector repair.

  • All-inclusive AC connector bundle with adornments. Ensure all adornments are viable with your laptop as far as size and related variables.
  • cinch
  • multimeter
  • Specialized apparatuses for laptops:
  • Some zipper
  • Wire stripper
  • iron
  • bind
  • Void sharpy pail/void highlighter can. In the event that the tag is as yet working, don’t squander it and don’t ad lib this part.
  • Electrical tape
  • Punching tool – you can pick a screw and screwdriver mix/nail, sledge and drill blend/laser (as long as it can hold the barrel)

Issue Relating to Physical Damage

Issue Relating to Physical Damage
Issue Relating to Physical Damage

As referenced above, if the pin or the whole jack of your laptop jack is harmed, there is no arrangement, simply supplant it. Some may even propose staying it or whatever else: I don’t suggest it. A laptop charger port-free association won’t give a steady current and produce heat. Using it for quite a while may harm the charger pins of the laptop and surprisingly the motherboard, so it is ideal to supplant it.

You can use this pursuit inquiry “[your laptop model] dc connector” to discover a dc-in jack for your laptop.

Presently, detach the connector of the DC-IN jack from the motherboard and slacken the screw to eliminate it from the body. If the jack is patched straightforwardly to the board, eliminate it cautiously and softly as it might seriously harm the circuit wiring.

Assuming the DC connector is OK and truly looks great, I can fix it to bring power once more into the laptop. There are two strategies to address the issue.



Presently you need to realize how the laptop power jack fix. Your specific consideration is required because you will work on the motherboard for supplanting the power jack on a laptop. Along these lines, the circumstance is basic.

The present circumstance is caused by dry welding, and our persistent power exacerbates things. To get it, apply motion to every one of the pins of the jack and weld again effectively.

You need some high-level abilities for this maintenance because some unacceptable association might make your laptop unrepairable. To fix the issue, first, discover which track copied, that is, +VE, GND, or inductive sign. Then, at that point, patch the wires straightforwardly from the jack pins to where the track will reach.

Presently, try not to harm it once more, use craft glue or any epoxy combination. It gives a tough association with the motherboard and makes it ready to withstand the developments when associated with the connector.

Note: Remember to use thick copper wire to abstain from consuming, and don’t give the glue inside the DC Access connector enter.


In the first place, turn off the connector of the jack from the motherboard, and afterward, associate the connector to the DC connector. Presently check the voltage on the power jack connector; it ought not to have the normal voltage.

To fix it, track down the messed-up wire or the distinction pin of the DC connector, presently appropriately associated and patched. If you have heat recoil tubing, you can likewise use them for support. Reevaluate the voltage; it ought to be there once the association is set up. Reconnect all parts and collect the laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My Laptop is Plugged in however not Charging, What do I do?

    Generally, this issue happens because of a battery pack disappointment. Eliminate the u003ca href=u0022 target=u0022_blanku0022 rel=u0022noreferrer noopeneru0022u003ebatteryu003c/au003e from your laptop and use just the AC connector to turn it on; if it works out in a good way, it very well might be an ideal opportunity to supplant the laptop battery.

  2. How Might I Solder the DC Power Connector?

    The soldering system is more agreeable than eliminating the DC connector, particularly when soldering it straightforwardly to the motherboard. To affix the DC connector, place it in a pinhole on the motherboard and apply motion. Presently, use liquid patch wire to bind every one of its pins individually to the motherboard association.

  3. What I Do If my Laptop has a DC connector with a motherboard connector?

    If your laptop has a DC connector with a motherboard connector, it’s generally basic. You should plug the connector into the motherboard and fix the DC connector as in the past.

  4. Would I be able to accuse my laptop of any accessible charger?

    No, you ought not to do this; it will harm the connector or laptop. On the off chance that the power rating of the connector is lower than the power of the computer, when you increase the heap on the computer, the power of the connector may unexpectedly increase rather than right away. At the point when the charger is appraised higher, it might wear out the laptop’s circuit.u003cbru003eNotwithstanding, as a rule, you will not discover chargers with a similar pin size and various appraisals, however not without them.

  5. Would I be able to know whether my Charging Port is harmed?

    Now and then it tends to be seen from an external perspective. In case your laptop’s charging pin isn’t accurately embedded into the DC connector or then again if the middle pin is harmed (if present), or then again on the off chance that it swings, the laptop’s charger port is bound to be harmed. For a careful investigation, you should dismantle your laptop. Assuming you need to realize how to fix a laptop charger port, then, at that point, kindly notice it in the remark.


I trust the above tips and arrangement steps can help you in numerous ways, and you realize very well how to fix a laptop power jack without soldering. At the point when I originally stalled out on this specific inquiry, I put a ton of exertion into discovering the response to the issue.

Be that as it may, in the wake of perusing my article, you will want to tackle the issue with a modest quantity of welding and a low cost.

If you have any inquiries or then again assuming you need to impart your insight to our guests, then, at that point, you, if it’s not too much trouble, remark something very similar. I will feel glad to address any specialized issues identified with your laptop. Your extraordinary debt of gratitude is for setting aside the effort to peruse my article.