Factory reset is the master solution to resolve some issues with the Samsung laptops.

Need to restore the scratches and dents on your system’s exhibition? Congratulations! You have gone to the perfect locations.

A factory reset is a most wonderful and most advantageous solution to return your Samsung devices once again to life.

In this aide, I will show you How to Factory Reset Samsung Laptop in just a couple of steps.

When You Need To Factory Reset Your Samsung Laptop

  • Your laptop’s exhibition lags, such as running slow, crashing or freezing.
  • Malware or Viruses impacted your laptop, however the counter virus software is not clearing.
  • Intending to sell your laptop, transform it into the first state prior to selling it.
  • Need to let loose your laptop space by eliminating every one of the programs and files.
  • Failed to remember the password to sign in to your Samsung laptop.

Samsung laptops have a software application pre-installed to assist you With restoring and Backup, your system, called the “Samsung Recovery Solution.”

Nonetheless, here I will show you how to restore Samsung Laptop to Factory Settings with Samsung Recovery Software, and with Windows worked in reset work that comes with Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

However in case you are running a more established Windows OS like 7 or Windows Vista, then, at that point, you’d need to follow a little unique process, and would expect you to organize your PC because there is no reset choice in the OS. Be that as it may, you could still download Samsung Recovery Solution software and follow the underneath process.

How to Factory Reset Samsung Laptop In Windows 8/8.1

Step 1: Open the Settings from the Start Menu.

Step 2: Click on ‘Change PC Settings,’ in the left sidebar.

Step 3: PC Settings will welcome more options on the screen, presently open ‘Update and Recovery’ from the list in the sidebar.

Step 4: Now click on Recovery in the same sidebar.

Step 5: As you click on Recovery you’ll be presented with 3 options to select. The ‘Refresh your PC,’ ‘Remove Everything,’ and ‘Progressed startup.’

Step 6: Under ‘Remove Everything and Reinstall Windows,’ click on ‘Begin.’

Step 7: Another window popup appears showing the details of what will occur on the off chance that you reset your PC, click Next.

Step 8: Again you will be presented with the Remove files and clean the drive and remove my information. Here click on ‘Remove files and clean the drive‘ assuming you need to clear out your PC totally or ‘Just remove my files’ which will hard reset your whole C: drive.

Step 9: Click on ‘Reset,’ when incited to affirm the reset process.

How to Factory Reset Samsung Laptop In Windows 10

Factory resetting was once a genuinely troublesome process, yet Microsoft acquainted a lot easier way to do as such in Windows 8. It’s also stretched out to Windows 10 and is the easiest way to factory reset a computer for individuals.

The steps to factory reset Samsung Laptop in Windows 10 are straightforward, however, they are completely not quite the same as Windows 8/8.1.

Note: For now we will discuss steps to perform reset using windows 10.

Step 1: Click the Start button and open Settings

Step 2: Click on Update and Security

Step 3: Click on Recovery on the left sidebar

Step 4: You will see a ‘Reset this PC’ header; click the ‘Get Started’ button under this.

Step 5: You will be provoked with two options to select from, ‘Keep my files’ or ‘Remove everything.’ The first choice sets your settings back to default and deletes all your installed apps (like browsers, MS Office, and any remaining apps), however keeps your information while the second choice resets everything to factory defaults and removes your files.

Step 6: If you chose to Remove everything, Windows would ask assuming you need to clean the drive or remove your files. Choosing Remove files and wipe the drive will securely erase the drive so it’s harder to recover information from, it takes some an ideal opportunity to finish. Assuming you’re disposing of your PC under any condition, you should choose this. Just removing my files is fine assuming you’re keeping your computer (this choice will arrange your C: drive as it were).

Step 7: A popup will be displayed for affirmation to Reset your laptop, click the Reset choice. Presently trust that the process will finish, your computer will restart several times during the process. On the off chance that you are factory resetting a laptop, ensure you plug it in to abstain from losing power during the operation.

When the reset is finished, you’ll be asked to set up Windows 10 as a shiny new laptop.

Presently in case you are using Windows 8/8.1, the process is altogether unique.

How to Factory Reset Samsung Laptop Using Samsung Recovery Solution

Note: First steps first, you want to play it safe before playing out the system recovery. Before you start, try to back up every one of the essential information, so if in case anything goes wrong you have your essential files unblemished with you.

Before you start, ensure the laptop is associated with the power plug.

Step 1: Power up your Samsung laptop and press the F4 button as soon as it starts (in some cases the laptop ‘Esc’ key needs to be pressed while the machine is booting to get the Samsung Recovery Solution)

Step 2: You’ll see a screen that displays ‘Samsung Recovery Solution’ inside a couple of moments whenever done properly

Step 3: Press Enter and inside a moment your Samsung Laptop will open the ‘Samsung Recovery Solution’ application

Step 4: There will see 3 major boxes with options for Restore, Backup and System Software. Click on Restore

Step 5: Restore presents sub-options when clicked, click on Complete Restore (complete restore will organize the whole C: Drive’s information and files, whereas not influencing information in different drives. This takes your machine to the state when it was fabricated, for all intents and purposes a pristine system)

Note: You can follow different options like Basic Restore or Data Restore if you would rather not clear out your C: drive and have just restricted settings and files restored.

Step 6: In the following screen, select ‘Computer Initial Status’ and snap Next (will reset your laptop to the day you brought it). Press OK, to ‘Start Restore’

Show restraint: It process takes around 20-45 minutes to do a Complete Restore contingent upon your Laptop specifications and installed applications. The laptop will reboot on various occasions during the process. When the method is done, press OK when incited to ‘Restart PC.’

Before the finish of this process, you have successfully reset your machine to the Factory Settings using Samsung Recovery Solution.

If in case, your system has issues playing out the previously mentioned steps or out and out doesn’t boot with Samsung Recovery Solution, then, at that point, you can download Samsung Recovery Solution, install it on your laptop and follow the above process from Step 3.

This completes our manual for Resetting your Samsung laptop to the Factory Settings. Keep tuned in to our website to get the latest solutions for your technical problems.

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