In this article, we are going through “How To Check Laptop Fan Is Working Or Not? Best Methods in 2022”

How To Check Laptop Fan Is Working Or Not?

Laptop fans are the key cooling instrument for the interior equipment of your PC system. The fan extracts the hotness from the motherboard, processor, and blast the hot air out through the fan vents, this is the same mechanism as of radiator that blows hot air out from a motor.

The fan produces a modest perceptible sound, so in case your fan is quiet, you can’t feel the air rushing out of the vents and above all the laptop is getting hot now and again, all things considered, the fan has stopped its legitimate working. Also, you want to take care of business. Correct?

The fan plays an essential job in drawing out systems life and usefulness of a laptop system, as a superheated laptop doesn’t perform sufficiently and can cause several problems for example continuous abrupt shutdowns, application crashes, and in the worst case, might conceivably harm the equipment of the laptop.

Overheating can prompt severe breaking down or harm to the inner components of the system. Checking your laptop’s fan is simple and should be done routinely. Ensure to supplant the buggy fan to save yourself from likely problems.

Fan’s Significance

The obvious occupation of a fan is to chill off the system, may it be any system. In our case, the laptop fan does the same to keep the laptop internals ventilated. For the very reason to keep the laptop at its best performance. An electronic physical gadget like this can warm up before long and impede the performance of the system. Resultantly causing all programs slowing down or crash.

The significant issue with a wrecked fan is that it might conceivably harm different parts of the laptop as well. Because in the laptop certain components can’t sustain the hotness level caused by the breaking down the fan. Unless you resolve the warming issue, your entire machine is at risk of being separated.

So the crux of the discussion is that a laptop fan is of desperate significance and needs to be well working. Presently the genuine question is, how might you see whether something’s off with the fan? That is the thing that we will look at now.

Really look at the Fan

Listen for Noise

The first thing you can check assuming that your laptop‘s fan is working appropriately or not is by listening to it. Yes, attempt to pry out the sound of the fan running because as we referenced before a running fan created a moderate discernible sound. Most laptops have a customary noise while working.

Move into a peaceful place and get your ear close to the laptop’s base, behind the console. In most current laptops, a fan doesn’t work from time to time not constantly. When performing processor-intensive tasks like picture editing, gaming or editing a video the fan starts working. Because in processor requesting jobs the system can warm up before long.

Accordingly, you don’t have to stress if you don’t hear any noise when you turn on your laptop because it is running at the slowest possible speed. To further develop battery performance and productivity the manufacturers frequently set the fans to work just under stressful situations to work with the cooling process.

To intentionally give your laptop fan something to do you can start streaming a 4K video or play a top-quality game, these will come down on the laptop and power the fan to start up.

Note while eavesdropping on your fan if it makes jagged pulsating or screeching noises it very well may be broken.

Feel for Air

Assuming you couldn’t hear the fan’s noise, no issue. You can feel the air emerging from the laptop’s air vents. Laptop exhaust can either be on the left side, behind or the base. Any place it possibly you want to observe it and afterwards you can use a piece of paper and spot it before the fan output, on the off chance that the paper is blown even a little it can show you the fan is working, or you can use uncovered hands to experience the hotness emerging from the air vents.

However, the advanced sleek laptops with small size fans probably won’t have the option to blow away paper. However, these two referenced techniques are the most simple and straightforward to perform physical checking of a laptop’s fan. There are more possible ways through which you can attempt to see whether your fan is working or not.

Watch for Errors

There may be an issue with your fan assuming your laptop now and again restarts with no prior notice, slows down or gives you Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). Regardless of whether the fan is smothering air and working somewhat, it is associated with the heatsink cooling system and the problems could signify issues with different components of the cooling system.

Testing Laptop Fan through an application

You can use a software application to check assuming your laptop fan is working or not. There are numerous applications accessible on the web that can go from giving you just the temperature and fan speed to cutting edge features like controlling the fan speed and other equipment analysis data.

Testing Laptop Fan on Windows

The most famous application accessible for the Windows stage is SpeedFan. It can screen temperature from several sources and can also change the speed of fans consequently or physically by the system’s temperature.

Alongside the CPU temperature with SpeedFan, you can measure almost the wide range of various sensors installed on your laptop for example hard drive temperature, ambient case temperature. You can also switch over to the definite view in the charts tab displaying temperature charts for chosen components.

Aside from SpeedFan, you can attempt other software applications like HWiNFO, Argus Monitor, Real Temp.

Testing Laptop Fan on Mac

On Mac, you can use the iStat Menu which gives you fan stats notwithstanding a lot more features like Battery Sensor, Hard Drive, Palm Rest temperature and countless options you can utilize.

How To Check Laptop Fan Is Working Or Not?
How To Check Laptop Fan Is Working Or Not?

You can download the Fanny widget for macOS, I’ve been using it for a long while presently. It is made principally to show you the current CPU temperature and the fan’s speed. The application is simple, efficient and starts up at boot time.

How To Check Laptop Fan Is Working Or Not?
How To Check Laptop Fan Is Working Or Not?

Testing Laptop Fan on Ubuntu Linux

To measure the fan speed and temperature of a machine running the Ubuntu Linux Operating system, you’ll need to install Im-sensors and fan control packages.

To install Im-sensor:

  • Sudo well-suited get install Im-sensors

Presently run the application using the order

  • Sudo sensors-detect

For fan speed:

  • Sensors | grep fan

The order will output the fan speed.


I attempted to shed light on some basic techniques to evaluate testing your laptop fan. To make it somewhat more interesting I fused the software solution helpful to play out the fan testing.

You will want to assess the significance of a fan in laptops’ performance and lifespan. Furthermore, you should keep it in amazing running condition. This can keep the laptop working efficient and robust.

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