In this article, we are going through “How Much RAM Do I Need for Streaming and Gaming in 2022?”

While measuring the amount of RAM you need for a game is adequately hard, streaming will have more factors included.

There is a lot of programs that you need to represent when streaming so you would have to ascertain everyone.

This aide will show you the intricate details of RAM utilization in streaming and you ought to have the option to reply “How much RAM do I need for streaming?” toward the finish of the aide.

How much Ram Do I need for Streaming?

How much RAM Does Streaming Use?

For streaming, there are a ton of variables that you need to consider when you are estimating RAM or memory utilization. The first would be your streaming application.

The most well-known one is the OBS or Open Broadcast Software. It is free and effectively available by everybody as long as they will figure out how to use it.

Streaming software

So for the Open Broadcast Software, it will take around 150-300MB of your RAM or memory when opened. That 150-300MB will combine with the all-out memory utilization that we should figure for and, there are significantly really coming so make a point to monitor them.

Internet browsers and other random things

The following thing to pay special mind to is your internet browser. As I exhort on shutting however many tabs as could be allowed, you may have to open some when you are streaming. Assuming you need to show a few recordings, cuts, photographs, or anything, you should open them and stream the source.

It might take up another 50-300MB relying upon what source you are streaming. While it might appear to be little, they will all add up soon.

Live transmission window

The following one is opening your stream or broadcast. Maybe you are watching another person’s stream. This is the place where you see your talk or whichever stage you are streaming on.

You need to have this one up so you know what your stream resembles consistently. For security reasons, it is ideal to track down the right plot for your camera.

While you can likewise take a gander at your streaming software to check what it resembles yet you will in any case have to see the visit.

Discord or Chat Servers

A few decorations consistently have their Discord on for cooperating with a portion of the watchers. It is a decent advance towards building your local area and it is additionally where most decorations speak with their mediators.

This should take an extra 200MB on your accessible RAM space.

Running dual Monitors

running dual monitors
running dual monitors

In fact, running double screens doesn’t use up more RAM. This is simply because you will be opening more applications or programs when you have two screens.

However long your computer has an opened help or application, it will be burning through a similar measure of RAM behind the scenes.

To have the option to legitimize adding this part, envision you are playing a game while streaming it also. You some way or another end up opening a video from your talk or mods for you to watch.

You will use your other screen to see this and it will take up more RAM when you click the play button on the video. At the point when you are running with one screen, you don’t have the alternative to play the video and play simultaneously (except if you are playing a game with a little window).

Clicking that play button on the video will quickly consume up to 200-300MB of RAM or memory. Pausing it will decrease RAM use fundamentally. That is a decent tip to know overall and surprisingly more significant as a decoration.

Streaming Your Game

Presently for the crucial step. The measure of RAM you need is profoundly reliant upon which game you are playing. You need to consider all that is being referenced above and perhaps more (relies upon what you are doing).

As my guideline, you can track down the game (the one you play or may play) with the most elevated system necessities to accomplish and use this as a benchmark for the measure of RAM you need.

You can likewise represent the wide range of various computer parts you need. You ought to go somewhat higher than the suggested system necessities for streaming.

Streaming Resident Evil Village – Example

resident evil village
resident evil village

Least PC Requirements 

  • Processor: Intel Core i5-7500 / AMD Ryzen 3 1200 
  • Memory: 8GB RAM 
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti / AMD Radeon RX 560 4GB 
  • Programming interface: DirectX 12, DirectX Raytracing (XDR) discretionary 
  • Operating system: Windows 10 (64-bit) 

Suggested PC Specifications 

  • Processor: Intel Core i7-8700 / AMD Ryzen 5 3600 
  • Memory: 16GB RAM 
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 / AMD Radeon RX 5700 
  • Programming interface: DirectX 12, DirectX Raytracing (XDR) discretionary 
  • Operating system: Windows 10 (64-bit) 

We will zero in additional on the RAM or memory here. As should be obvious, the suggested PC determinations are at 16GB RAM. It is somewhat goal-oriented by Capcom to give a high memory prerequisite.

The 16GB RAM is the protected spot and for a fact, you can stream fine with only 16GB of RAM. For different games, they here and there change with their suggested system particulars for their game.

As you can see over, this is all that is running on my computer while streaming on Twitch with the Open Broadcast Software.

Occupant Evil Village is burning through essentially 2600MB of my accessible RAM. Significantly, Resident Evil Village can consume as much as 6000MB of RAM contingent upon what part you are on.

Google Chrome ought to consume around 500-600MB in case you are looking after your transmission.

It is at 1300MB because I had a lot of tabs open however on the off chance that you do likewise, hope to see around a similar RAM utilization for your internet browser.

Disunity and the Open Broadcast Software consume around 300-600MB because Discord may consume more relying upon your movement.

There is one snippet of data you should know when you are working out your RAM utilization while streaming. At the point when you are streaming, the game puts more burden on the game as opposed to your streaming software.

For instance, if you turn off streaming, Resident Evil Village will consume much less memory as found in the Task Manager. It is a smart thought to realize how RAM attempts to comprehend the use better.

The main extra data you need to know is that the streaming software will consume more RAM when it is handling countless pictures. This implies that your streaming quality will matter here (explicitly the frame rate).

Considering all the, you can undoubtedly work out the amount of RAM you need for streaming games. Like most decorations, you can do tests to perceive how your present gaming PC holds up on streaming.

You can use outsider software like FPS Monitor to have an overlay appear while playing a game. This overlay will show the utilization of your CPU (processor), GPU (graphics card), and RAM (memory).

Optimizing Your Games 

There is a lot of ways you can do to streamline your games and let loose more memory. Most game settings don’t help your RAM utilization yet limiting things like view distance can help.

Nearly anything graphics-related will consume VRAM (GPU). Limiting resources that heap will decrease RAM (memory) utilization.

If your RAM is at its cutoff, you can take a stab at upgrading your game and search for approaches to let loose more RAM. You can look at our aides on the best way to distribute more RAM to games underneath.


While games can change vigorously on memory use, it will be difficult to gauge the amount of RAM you need. As new games get presented each year, you probably won’t realize which games you would play.

It is smarter to put resources into a decent RAM because they are a modest part to add to any PC assemble contrasted with different parts.

I would by and large suggest essentially 32GB of RAM (you can settle on a more slow one) if you anticipate streaming different games, particularly RPGs.

For games like Fortnite, Warzone, CSGO, and other well-known multiplayer games, 16GB of RAM ought to be ok for streaming.

Assuming you need your RAM to be pertinent for no less than 10 years, you could look at our manual for the best RAM for gaming, on top of getting a sum of 32GB RAM.