As you most likely realize Cricut Design Space is viable with both the iPad and the computer (even with Android); yet you might be pondering which device will give you better results, a computer or an iPad?

In this article, we will cover

With that, how about we hop right in!

Cricut Design Space iPad vs Computer

You can use both the iPad and Computer versions of Cricut to design and make your projects. For instance, both deal with the choice to contour, cut and write in one step, straighten to print, connect, print then, at that point, cut, slice and weld, picture transfer, textual style styles, and considerably more.

Be that as it may, some Cricut Design Space features are just accessible on an iOS device (iPad, iPhone) some on a computer, and some on an Android application. We’ll cover every one of the differences underneath.

It comes down to which features you can’t survive without. to make your designs.

What is the Different Cricut Design Space Features Available on iPad vs Computer?

In the table underneath we layout the various features accessible on a computer or laptop (Windows/macOS) and iPad or iPhone iOS version of Cricut’s application.

Features Windows/Mac iOS App
Bluetooth compatible
Cut & write in one step
Flatten to print
Writing style fonts
Machine setup
Print then cut
Slice and weld
System fonts
Photo Canvas
3D layer visualization
Smart Guides
Pattern fills
Image upload
Link Physical Cartridges
Curve Text
Knife Blade cutting
Community (profiles, project sharing)
Project Collections
What is the Different Cricut Design Space Features Available on iPad vs Computer?

As you can see some features are specific to every device. We should investigate the most significant ones.

Exceptional Cricut Design Space Features Available Only on a Computer/Laptop

The computer (Windows/macOS) version offers pattern fills, pre-made templates, curve text, blade cutting, project assortment, and that’s just the beginning. In case you are not familiar with these, we should cover them underneath:

Pattern Fills: for Print, you can apply pattern fills to any of your text or picture layers. Hundreds of patterns are accessible in the Cricut Design Space pattern assortment, or you can make your own.

Templates can assist you with sizing and visualizing your project when working in Design Space.

Curve Text: on your Windows/Mac, you can curve your text by using the curve apparatus in the design board. It makes the text stand out. This feature is useful when you are designing shirts, for instance, Tip: you can save your curved text as a picture and use it on an iPad.

Knife Blade cutting: if you are chipping away at a project with dense materials up to 3/32″ thick, you can use a Knife Blade easily and safely. This is not accessible on the iPad.

Project assortment: helps you stay coordinated. It is the same as having folders on your PC where you sort out your files and information. However, instead of folders, you have collections on Cricut where you can easily deal with your projects.

Offset: with the offset feature you can make a relatively bigger or smaller layer of your design, regardless of whether text, images, or a mix.

Remarkable Cricut Design Space Features Available Only on iPad, iPhone (iOS)

Then again, the iOS application version has features like 3D layer visualization, photograph canvas, smart guides, and Snapmat, which aren’t accessible on the Mac/Windows version. We should cover some of these, in case you are not that familiar with some of them:

SnapMat: you can catch a photograph of your material on the cutting mat, permitting you to visualize the picture and message positioning. Thus you can see the design as a virtual mat see. You can adjust your shape over the snap mat shot.

Here is an incredible video clarifying this:

The Smart Guides feature helps you position things about different objects on the canvas. This feature is also accessible on Android yet not on a computer.

The 3D layer visualization helps to deliver the designs in the most realistic and streamlined manner by projecting a 3-dimensional perspective. This helps in easily reproducing item designs.

What Device Should You Use for Cricut Design Space?

Some individuals use just iPads. They design their project in Procreate and afterwards transfer it into Design Space. Others use a computer in particular. However, others use both an iPad and a computer.

At last, it comes down to two significant decision factors. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What software, application and device do you use most frequently while making your designs? Assuming you utilize nothing specific yet, computers are by and large easier to work with.
  • Are there a specific features that are imperative to you and just accessible on a computer or the iOS (iPad) version of Cricut Design Space? Check out the feature comparison table above. In case you will use any features specific to a sort of device, that will offer you the response.

Are iPads easy to use with Cricut?

It is easy to use Cricut with an iPad and you can easily get it by using an iPad as it were. Nonetheless, you might hit some of the iOS and iPad’s limitations in terms of what’s accessible in the iOS version of Cricut Design Space. A couple of the Cricut Maker-specific tools won’t work with an iPad.

Some things to know about: in some cases, the iPad will not effectively do the Cricut machine calibration. Also finding and installing new fonts are significantly easier on a computer.

Here is an extraordinary video on the best way to use Cricut Design Space on an iPad.

Top 3 Devices For Cricut Design Space

Assuming you need to purchase a first-rate device for Cricut, the following are a couple of options that we suggest.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

  • Screen Size: 10.4
  • Memory Storage Capacity: 128 GB
  • Up to 13h of battery life
  • Best Android Tablet
HP Pavilion x360

HP Pavilion x360

Apple Ipad Pro

Apple Ipad Pro


FAQs About Cricut Design Space

In this section, we have attempted to answer the most habitually asked queries.

  • Can you use an Apple pencil with Cricut Design Space?

    An Apple pencil can not straightforwardly be used in Cricut Design Space; be that as it may, you can use the Apple pencil in Procreate, for instance, to make designs. Then, at that point, transfer the designs/pattern from Procreate to the Cricut Design Space application.

  • Do I need a computer for Cricut?

    You needn’t bother with a computer for Cricut. Cricut Design Space is accessible on iOS and Android as well as on Mac, or a PC. Be that as it may, the computer version of the application is liked by most crafters. However, some are content with the portable apps. Note that some features are absent on the iOS application version, and others are not accessible on the computer version of the software. For instance, it is more advantageous to download a textual style on a PC than on an iPad.

  • Would I be able to use my Cricut with my Phone?

    A telephone version of Cricut is accessible for iOS and Android users. This makes it easier to edit and design projects at the ease of a tap and because of aspects such as smart guides. Notwithstanding, the telephone version has some limitations because some features are just accessible on the laptop/computer version.


Both an iPad and a computer will work with a Cricut machine and Cricut Design Space. Furthermore both the application versions have some features missing contrasted with the other.

To choose whether to get an iPad or a computer, you need to consider which software or application and thus the device you use the most for making your designs. On the off chance that you utilize nothing specific yet, computers are by and large easier to use.

Furthermore, are there specific features that are critical to you and just accessible on a computer or the iOS (iPad) version of Cricut Design Space? Assuming this is the case, that will offer you the response.

We trust this nitty-gritty guide assisted you with settling on a decision. Go ahead and ask any questions in the comments underneath and we will respond as soon as we can.